Wind and Releasing

chimes in wind2Howdy Peeps!

As I was meditating today, asking what the topic would be I could hear my chimes outside going like crazy. Every once in a while my chimes in here would go off as if to answer them.

The theme was starting to take form before my meditation and the Universe is wonderful at providing the definitive answer. I love it!

Wind. There are so many different ways the wind could take us today but this is where I was being led… Release, let go, use the wind to cleanse your mind and your aura.

So let's think about the wind for a minute. Many times, any season, it just feels refreshing. Sometimes if it's cool, it feels even more refreshing.

So how can the wind help us release, and release what? 

Let's say you have some stress about you. I know that may be a stretch for some of you 🙂 but just play along and humor me!!

So, this imaginary stress, it may be from your job or from looking for a job, or your spouse or looking for a spouse, or your kids or someone else's kids. Maybe you have stress from driving because someone cut you off or maybe you're having the worst week ever, for whatever the reason…and you feel stressed.

Or here's a good one – you don't have stress of your own but you are tapping into the collective so it's not even your stress you're feeling!! (I wrote a bit about the collective back in my blog called Just send Love!)

What can the wind do about it?

  1. OK, go stand outside in the wonderful wind. Stand with your back to the wind, so if you have long hair, it may get messed up a bit. But that's OK.
  2. Now, imagine all of your stresses from the day (or week), whether they are yours or belonging to the collective.
  3. Take a deep breath in, through your nose, hold for the count of 3.
  4. Now, blow out your mouth, out into the wind and give it as much force blowing out as the wind is blowing.
  5. And repeat as many times as necessary.

You feel better now, don't you!!!

What else can you do while standing out in the wind and how else can the wind help you release these stresses? 

Spread your arms straight out to your sides, like your arms are airplane wings. Slowly turn in around in a circle and let the wind cleanse your aura clean. Say this intent out loud (who cares if the neighbors can see you):

I release to the wind, everything that is not mine and everything that no longer serves me. May it be transmuted to love. This, for the highest good of all!

Once you feel cleansed and refreshed, take a deep breath in, of the wonderful fresh air with the intent of filling up with love, in all of the space the stress was released.

You may do this as many times as you feel necessary! I will guarantee you will feel fresh and much lighter than when you started.

Angel Blessings to you! 


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