Trust in Self Love


Love is the great miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.
~ Louise L. Hay

Do you trust in yourself or are there doubts? Doubts about your ability in something or wondering if you made the right decision.


If we don’t trust ourselves, how can we expect others to? Isn’t not trusting ourselves a form of not loving oneself? I believe it is.


I’m not talking about a new skill you may be in the process of learning. I’m talking about the self talk that may go on in our heads:

  • You messed up
  • Why did you do that
  • Second guessing yourself over and over
  • Now what are you going to do to get out of this mess

You know these are what our egos do to beat us down and we don’t have to listen to it or take it any more. We can trust ourselves and we can love ourselves. In fact, that's our goal for being here – loving ourselves.


The things that go on around us are an illusion. People show up in our lives, things happen ‘to’ us, to help remind us to trust in ourselves and to love ourselves.


If we look at everything that happens in our lives as just part of our learning, then there are no mistakes and we didn’t mess up. We just had another lesson.


Where do you start with self love and trust? Well, with ourselves of course :):

  • Start a list called ‘What went right today’. List out all of your accomplishments for the day, all of the things you felt good about how you handled a situation. Add to this each day. If you are not feeling the (self) love, read through your list.
  • If something didn’t go as planned, look at it that it was ‘plan B’ instead of saying that it went all wrong. It was just another option in the plethora of options we have.
  • Be grateful. Being grateful for all the things that are going ‘right’ is easy. Be grateful for everything. Maybe you had a fight with your spouse or child – be grateful that you lovingly expressed yourself. Maybe you had a fender bender – be grateful you are here to talk about it. Maybe you lost your job – be grateful you now have many possibilities about what you will do with yourself.
  • When you catch yourself saying something you don’t like about yourself – stop and turn it around in that moment. This will take practice, but I trust you can do it. An example – if you catch yourself saying that was stupid of me – stop, and say something like, wow, that went differently than I had thought it would and I won’t be doing that same thing again.
  • Sit in meditation or contemplation. Imagine there is a loving presence surrounding you, coming through you, coming from you. Feel the love swirling into each and every cell of your body. Know that it’s coming from you and through you.
  • Ask the Angels for assistance. This is always an option – no matter what. If you aren’t feeling you trust yourself today or aren’t feeling loving toward yourself, ask the Angels to help move you in that direction. And then watch for their guidance.

Trust in who you are.

Love who you are.

Trust in why you are.

Know you are love, in all you do.


Angel Blessings to you.



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2 Responses to Trust in Self Love
  1. johnyukus
    January 11, 2014 | 6:13 am

    You are merely experiencing the reflection of your own energy vibration, "be love ".

    • Susanne Broome
      January 11, 2014 | 7:13 am

      Absolutely – be love. <3