They Are Still Here

IMG_3137Do you have a Loved One who has passed? Maybe a grandparent, or a parent or a friend you were very close with? Someone you could go to when you were having a problem or needed a shoulder to cry on?


Remember back to a time when you were upset about something and you were sitting with them (your Mom or Grandpa or friend).

  • Were you having a cup of tea or hot cocoa?
  • Maybe swinging in the porch swing listening to the crickets?
  • Were you just sitting and neither really saying a whole lot, just knowing they were there?

When you are having a rough time and you need to talk with them, you know you still can. They hear what you say when you talk with them. You may not always hear what they say, but they hear you.


Find yourself a quiet spot. Maybe grab a cup of tea or cocoa (or ice tea). Have something to write on and something to write with. And if you’d like, have a candle and something to light it with.


Close your eyes and go back to a time when you were together. Remember back to a time they were helping you with a problem or some issue in your life. 


As you’re going back to this time and place, remember as many details about the situation as you can. 

  • What were each of you wearing? What color are your outfits.
  • Was it day or night?
  • Are there any sounds you’re hearing (chimes, birds, crickets, kids)?
  • What season is it?
  • Are you inside or outside?
  • Are there any fragrances you’re remembering? What are they?
  • What words of reassurance are being said?
  • Are they patting your knee or maybe giving you a reassuring hug?

When you are in the midst of a problem or an issue that you would have gone to share with your Loved One and gotten some advice from them, know that you still can.


Go back to this setting, anytime you are seeking their comfort in words or a shoulder. Remember the memory. Then share your problem or worry of today with them. 


You may get some images coming to you. You may get a feeling. You may be able to hear their words in your mind. They are still here, wanting to help us, console us, celebrate us, in whatever we do.


Have the journal ready for the ideas that may come to you, the words of wisdom they may share with you in thoughts or feelings. It’s also beneficial to write about the experience afterwards.


Give yourself as much time as you need for this.


For me, I remember the wonderful talks Dad and I had, about most anything. I would go over to his house on Saturdays to do laundry and we would have several hours to talk. Most of the time we were at the kitchen table drinking coffee. I always really enjoyed these special times with Dad.


Your Loved Ones, though they may be on the other side, in another dimension, they are still right here, right now, listening for us, here for us.


Angel Blessings to you.



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