Today’s blog is an inspiration of a couple of things. First, the latest henna tattoo I received is of a Dream Catcher. Second, I was told through a reading to pay close attention to my dreams. So I thought the perfect deck to draw a card from was from Angel Dreams deck*.


For many reading this blog, it is Summer right now. If it’s not the actual season of Summer for you, then pay attention to what it brings up for you. The energy of Summer may still be at play for you.


Summer is a time of taking action and getting yourself out there in the world. This may be being outdoors more and it may mean being more active. Summer is about enjoying the longer days of the light and sunshine, getting more active in your life, maybe start some new routines.


If you haven’t been able to get out and enjoy the sun and the fresh air, it’s time to take the advice from the Angels and step out and go for a walk. If that’s truly not an option, at least get some fresh air by stepping outside every once in a while.


There’s a vibrancy to the Summer. It’s brighter and lighter. Things you may have put in place earlier in the year may be jumping and a hopping and ready and happening now. Maybe there are things just getting ready to happen. Watch and see.


Something else to notice is, are you getting enough water and staying hydrated. In the last 2 days I’ve heard four people say they are not getting enough water into their bodies. When you’re outside doing more activities, remember to take water with you and drink it. Make it a new habit.


Enjoy your days of Summer.


Angel Blessings to you,



Empowerment 4 You LLC



This deck is created by Doreen Virtue & Melissa Virtue



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