Stop the Blame Game and Grow

Generally when I am doing an event, at the beginning of the day and then throughout the day I will pull a few cards to display. Saturday was no exception.

I was using three different decks that I hadn’t used together yet. It’s always amazing to me how the cards go so well together and give such awesome words of wisdom. 

I had the Honesty card already and wanted a couple from the same deck to go along with it. Blame and Growth came up. A powerful trio. And with a card each from the other two decks I was using, it really painted a picture with some words of advice to boot.

Here’s the story the way I see it. And this is a perfect message, for all of us.

Many times we go about our lives, blaming others, blaming what we know, what we don’t know, what we have, what we don’t have, the weather, the cold, the hot, the fill in the blank. The key here is that we are blaming everyone and everything outside of ourselves and we are continually looking outside ourselves to find the answer.

When we go within and honestly look at our part, we can see things very differently. Our part could be that we didn’t know all the information we needed to yet. It may be that we did the best we could within the circumstances and parameters we had. It may be that we just didn’t know any different.

When we honestly look at our part, that’s where the growth comes in! Yes, we are taking responsibility, not blame mind you, but responsibility.

How perfect. The cards just lay themselves out. Stop blaming and honestly look at yourself and the situation and allow yourself to expand and grow where you are with what you’re doing.

With the Spiritual Gifts card, that is all part of it as well. Allowing your Spiritual Gifts to come through is what helps shift more easily from Blame to Growth. These gifts may be from this lifetime, past lifetimes, parallel universes or a combination of all of them. Archangel Raziel can help sort all that out for you.

Then here comes the wonderful 13 Perspective card. As you may have heard, 13 keeps coming up for me (for several weeks now) and obviously there’s still a message in it for me. 13 is the death card in tarot. What better way to move through something – allow the blame to fall away and die so the growth can be born.

Perspective, yes, it is all about perspective. How we see things is our reality. When we change our perspective, we see things differently.

When we truly and honestly look at what is going on with ourselves, with our spiritual gifts, and shifting our perspective to growth versus blame, that is where true growth comes.

Angel Blessings to you

Empowerment 4 You LLC


James Van Praagh, Soul’s Journey:
Blame “I accept responsibility for my well-being”
Honesty “I can't always expect the truth from others, but I can expect it from myself”
– Growth “I want to expand my consciousness and my awareness”

Kyle Gray, Angel Prayers:
Spiritual Gifts / Archangel Raziel “Thank you Raziel for helping me channel my gifts and talents.”

Dyan Garris, The Integration Cards:
13 / Perspective

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