Slow Down, Enjoy the Journey

IMG_6031Have you ever been in a situation where you’re wanting to move fast, or at least faster than you are, and yet, you know in your heart the Universe is saying ‘slow down, enjoy the journey’?


It could be learning a new job. You want to hurry up and know everything there is to know rather than enjoying the ideas, the new concepts which are being presented. Also allowing your creativity to flow with the new position. Many times it’s the blend of the ideas, not the way it was necessarily, but a blend of what was and where it’s going.


Slow Down, Enjoy the Journey, get in the flow.


It could be taking a trip. You want to get there so you speed along the highway only to get stopped by a state trooper giving you a ticket. Look at the beautiful scenery you may be missing by the ‘hurry up and get there’ routine. Take time to stop along the way, notice the different landscapes you are passing.


Slow Down, Enjoy the Journey. Take time to notice the beauty along the way, the different housing or buildings, the different wildlife and plant life. Watch how the sky and the clouds look different.


It could be getting to know someone new. You want to know everything about them in the blink of an eye. When you are ‘hurrying up’ to know the next thing, you’re missing out on the moment you’re in.


There’s a button I have from a long time ago – ‘Stay in the moment-damn it’s gone’.


Slow Down, Enjoy the Journey. Savor the moments and listen with your heart.


It could be in completing a project. There are times when we just want to hurry up, get the meal made, or hurry up and get that thing painted, or hurry up and get that chore done. Enjoy the project as you’re completing it. Then celebrate that it’s finished before moving on to the next project.


Slow Down, Enjoy the Journey. Take time to enjoy life as it's happening and your accomplishments.


We put the urgency on life ourselves. We can take time, slow down, enjoy the journey. Give it a try. You can always speed up again.


Angel Blessings to you.



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