Slip Sliding Away

Howdy Peeps!

Todays blog was inspired by the snow and Mom. And then Paul & Art got involved!

kids sleddingFor awhile this morning it was looking a bit blizzard-like out there and it took me back to going sledding as a kid. Sometimes we would play out in the backyard. We had an old sled with the metal runners that we would pile onto.

Later we had a little saucer and another we called a tub. It was red plastic with a rim coming up on the edges by 2-3".

I remember this one time Mom took us sledding at the SP High School. Mom and my brother went down the big hill in this tub and man could that tub go! They wiped out at the bottom – way down past where most sleds seemed to make it. There was a dip or something and Mom ended up with a fat lip. Of course she had a dinner party with Dad that night! 

I also remember going to the toboggan hill in Madison. I'm pretty sure it was Hoyt Park after some searching today. We would pile on 6 or 8 people and go flying down this toboggan hill. What a ride!

After I started thinking about sledding (those good old days before I had to shovel :)), the song by Simon & Garfunkel, Slip Sliding Away kept coming to me. And just the title sounds like it goes well with a snowy day like today.

I went out to look at the words from Slip Sliding Away since the song played over and over in my head until I found the words and played the song. Well, they sure don't have anything to do with snow now, do they…

But, I think sledding and the words go together nicely. How often do we go through life, slipping and sliding, feeling out of control. And if we would just lean a little in one direction or the other, we would gently move to a new path, or back on the path we were on, still going with the flow. And how sometimes we need to lean together to make that happen.

We're always moving to our destination – whether it's a new job, a new house, a new baby in the family, learning new things – whatever our 'destination' at the time is. All of us moving to the ultimate destination of life, our birth into the beyond.

Sometimes we have to hang on for dear life, and sometimes we have to raise our arms and just let it take us, and enjoy the ride. 

Wherever you are in your destination, enjoy each moment for what it brings, for who it brings and for what it brings us closer to. Live each moment to the fullest, with the people you love. Say what needs to be said and live with no regrets. 

Woo Hoo – Slip Slide and hang on to the ride!!

Angel Blessings to you!


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