Sharing Makes Everything More Fun!



Today I decided to let the Cherub Angels come out and play. This is one of Doreen Virtue’s newest deck and it’s specially made for children. I know, there is the inner child in all of us, just wanting to come out and play.


The card, Sharing Makes Everything More Fun! is the one the Cherub Angels picked. 


This beautiful card reminds us to share. Sharing isn’t just about material things. Sharing is about sharing our knowledge with others, it’s about sharing our love with each other and it’s about sharing our light with others.


When you hold any of these things in, intentionally withholding from others, it closes us off. When we share with others, in love, we are expanded.


In the picture she is holding a small birdhouse and out the window is a bird peaking in. I remember when I was still living in WI, I generally had at least one, sometimes two or three nests going on around the house each summer. Sometimes under the deck and several on the front porch. Sharing my space with the birds. And after all, they were here before us.


Look at the ways you are already sharing in your life and look at the ways you are not. See if over the next few days you can share a few more things with those in your life.


Angel Blessings to you.



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