Remembering Who You Are


  • You are a spiritual being.
  • You are a being of love.
  • You are a being of light.

How do you remember who you are?


You get glimpses of it every day. The glimpse may come in the form of looking at a flower, a bird, a rock, a tree. Glimpses may come in other forms of nature. 


You may get glimpses of it when you look at someone you care about, someone you love. You may get glimpses when you are sharing time with your animal companion.


Or maybe the glimpes will come in your dreams.


How do you remember more of who you are?


Close your eyes. 


Go back to a time when you were with someone you love or losing yourself in something that brings you joy. Remember the feeling, what were you hearing, what were you seeing – bring in as many senses, as many memories as you can.


Expand on the feeling of love and joy. Infuse it with more love from the Divine. Call on the Angels, call on Divine Spirit. Expand the love you already feel. Know this love comes from you, comes to you, comes through you.

  • Know you are love. 
  • Know you are loved. 
  • Know you are a being of light. 
  • Know you are whole. 
  • Know you are healed. 
  • Know you are loved. 

Angel Blessings to you.



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