I want to talk about how important relationships are in our lives. The way I’m referring to a relationship, it is not just with another person. Some of the types of relationships we have are:

  • With ourselves
  • With a partner
  • With our business or place of work
  • With our pet(s)
  • With our family
  • With our [ fill in the blank ]

I’ve written several blogs on relationships throughout this year. Each has come from a different point of view. Here are a few excerpts of each with the link to read the entire blog:




Everyone brings a different perspective to a relationship or to a situation. How can we see things differently?

  • Give space
  • Ask questions
  • Listen
  • Allow time
  • Give them a hug

Have compassion for them and surround them and the relationship with love. A blanket of love is always beneficial.

~ 3 Beautiful Light Beings




We all need support at some point in our lives. That’s what our friends, our family, the relationships we build is all about — support.


Sometimes it’s an ear to listen. Sometimes it’s a hug of support we need. 


We give and receive support from others all along the way. Sometimes the giving we do, we may not even realize we have done.


Just being there, letting them know they are supported, is just the support they need.


Soulmate Relationship


This was from the Magical Mermaids & Dolphins deck by Doreen Virtue.


Soulmate does not always have to do with a romantic relationship. There are many soulmate connections we make throughout our lives. People come into our lives who help us to heal and help us to learn lessons. I consider them to be soulmates.


One very important soulmate in all of our lives, who is with us from birth to transition, is ourselves. We need to be happy and love ourselves first. 


We teach others how to treat us, so treat yourself with love and compassion.


It’s Time To Leave This Unhealthy Situation


This was from the Archangel Michael Angel Card deck by Doreen Virtue.


This applies to so many people. Are you in an unhealthy situation at work, in your marriage, in your business? Do you feel unsafe in the situation you are in?


Archangel Michael gives strength and courage and protection and is a great one to call upon when we are not feeling any of these. We can lean on him as he is always there to protect us when we need it.


Pull on his strength and courage when looking at an unhealthy situation in your life and wondering what to do next.


Check out these blogs, all looking at relationships in a different way.


Honor yourself in whatever relationship you are in, and in whatever way that means for you.


Angel Blessings to you.



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