Reach Out

rose with sunbeamHowdy Peeps!

One of the things I’ve discovered with moving across the country from where I grew up is you really do need to make more of an effort to ‘reach out’ to those you left behind.


When you think about it, how is reaching out across the miles, the airwaves to talk with someone any different than reaching into another dimension through the veil?


Well OK, you do generally get a response from people you reach out to in the physical :). Sometimes not, but most times you do. Or you can see their smiling face if you are using that kind of technology.


But you, reaching out to those on the other side, lets them know you are still thinking about them, still care about them, still love them. And that you miss them and they are still a part of your day. It lets them know that just because you don’t see them physically every day, you still remember them, they are in your thoughts.


Today, reach out. Light a candle, say a prayer or hold up your glass to those on the other side. Let them know they are still a part of your life.


Angel Blessings to you.



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