The Puzzle

puzzle pieceHowdy Peeps!

What if you found a pile of puzzle pieces, but you couldn't see the picture. You can only see the back side. 

You start putting the puzzle together. Like most, you find the 4 corners to help guide you in the foundation of the puzzle. then you find the sides that go between each corner. It seems to be easier to have the edges, the boundaries, in place.

It may seem to be more difficult to put the inside together without seeing the picture, but the way the pieces look and fit together help along the way. Some pieces you need to try because they look like they fit but they don't. They are very close but maybe it's just too tight of a fit or too small or maybe the edges don't quite line up. But unless you had tried them, you wouldn't have known they didn't work together.

As you are putting it together, are any of the pieces less valuable than another if you want the picture to be whole and complete? Wouldn't it leave a hole in the completed picture without all the pieces?

You continue putting the puzzle together, taking your time to study the pieces and the places where they fit.

Once the puzzle is complete, you can see all the pieces are there, fitting together perfectly. You are now able to flip the puzzle over to see what the picture is.

The picture on the puzzle is you and your life.

Are there any pieces of you that are any less important than another? Don't you need all of the pieces of you? Wouldn't there be a hole if pieces of you were missing?

And aren't all aspects of your life what make you who you are today? Each memory, each experience, each person you've met along the way? Doesn't each piece help form you and guide you to who you are right now, today?

We can't always see the picture of our lives. All we can do is set up the corners to guide us, lay the foundation, set up boundaries and try pieces that seem as if they'll fit. If they don't fit in one spot, they are still a piece of the puzzle, they just fit in another spot.

Look at the pieces of your puzzle. Do they fit where they are? Do you have your boundaries in place? Are the 4 corners set to help guide you? Do you have to see the picture or are you willing to test the fit of some of the pieces?

Are there pieces in your life you discard because they don't fit where you originally tried them? Aren't they then a piece of your memory, of your wisdom or boundary perhaps, not to go there again?

Each piece is a piece of the puzzle and each piece belongs.

Angel Blessings to you.


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