52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal – available to order through Amazon or order here for a signed copy!

52 weeks of gratitude is a unique gratitude journal to use for a full year. Each week there is a story of gratitude, from a different author, to inspire you to have gratitude all around you. Following the story is a coloring page to help get you in a meditative state that will assist you in getting out of your head and into gratitude. You will be able to use the following pages to journal about what you have been grateful for during the week.

My week is Week 13 and I am filled with joy to be a part of this book. I will happily sign every book you order.

This book makes a beautiful gift for everyone on your list.

1 copy – $3 shipping
2 copies – $4 shipping
3 copies – $5 shipping



If you are interested in more than 3 books or would like to order a combination of books and cards, please email Sue directly at

52 Weeks of Gratitude Deck of Cards!!

These cards are a beautiful support to 52 Weeks of Gratitude Journal. Use them when you want to get into the feeling of gratitude for the day. Gratitude brings joy, love, and abundance into your life … why not practice it more? 

The cards come in a beautiful organza bag.

The deck of cards can only be purchased from the authors (which I am one of them.) The price of the deck is $18 (+ shipping). Three or more decks are $16 / each (+ shipping). Please email Sue at

I am honored to be a part of:

Warrior Women with Angel Wings: Illuminate your Joy

It is available on Amazon, Kindle – special price of $1 right now. Paperback version coming soon.

This is the 5th book in the series. Check out all the other books as well.

I love Angels.

I feel so blessed I was able to be included in 365 Days of Angel Prayers. You can read and experience Angels, every day of the year, over and over again.

Get your copy at Amazon today ~ 365 Days of Angel Prayers.

Pay special attention to November 7 ~
~ Surround Me with Your Loving Embrace, by Sue Broome

Signs From Your Loved Ones is available on Amazon. 

The main reason I wrote this book is because I want YOU to notice the signs from your Loved Ones. Each and every day, the signs are in front of you. I notice them from my Loved Ones multiple times in a day. I wish the same for you.

And so do your Loved Ones.

Angel Blessings to you.