The Power of Our Words

The Power of our Words

Saturday, September 5, 2020, 10am AZ / 1pm ET

Every day we use words we may not think about. We just say them automatically. Even before saying them, we have them floating in our minds or we hear them from other sources.

This online workshop we’ll be talking about the energy of your words. We’ll talk about whether they’re high vibration words that are beneficial for our energy or lower vibrational words that may have the opposite effect. Some words we may want to even remove from our vocabulary altogether.

Words have energy, just as everything has energy so it really is helpful to know how to discover which words add to our day and which may take away. This is a great tool to have in our tool belts.

The Power of Our Words, presented by Sue Broome. 

Join this workshop and learn about:

  • the energy behind the words you may already be saying
  • what happens if you change just a few of the words or how you are using them
  • which words will help to shift your energy and change your day and your future for the positive

Empower yourself. Sign up for ‘The Power of our Words’ today.

When: Saturday, September 5, 2020, 10am AZ / 1pm ET
Investment: $33

Workshop will be held online and will be recorded. You will receive email with the workshop information once you are registered. MP3 will be provided after workshop.


Power of Words, I Am … journal, available on Amazon. The journal is not necessary for the workshop but is a nice reminder of some wonderful, high energy words. It’s a journal yes, and the cover is a great affirmation.