I’ve never had a peach tree in my backyard before. I didn’t realize it was even a peach tree until late spring. I saw all of these small, round green things on the tree and had to bring one inside. I cut it open to see if I could figure out what it was. 


It smelled like a peach!


So I waited. Oh yes, I did search and see what a peach tree looked like and it did resemble the pictures.


I waited some more. The peaches were starting to turn that wonderful reddish color on one side with the yellow-peach color on the other. There were lots of peaches on the tree.


Then monsoon season started and wow, the peaches are growing. The branches get heavier and heavier with the weight of the peaches and the water in the leaves. 


These are small peaches and I’ve heard there are miniature peach trees in this area so I’m assuming that’s what it is. I started picking peaches. The peaches are small but they are very sweet.


So far, I would guess that I’ve given away 8 small boxes worth, each containing at least 3 dozen peaches. I have 3 more I picked just this morning. I keep picking so the branches don’t drag on the ground.


I thought I would see what Ted Andrews says about Peach in his book Nature-Speak. With all of these peaches, I’m sure there’s a message in it for me. 🙂


Peach: longevity; blessings through artistic endeavors


Contact with peach trees renew and re-activate our life force, the kundalini. It stimulates artistic energies, along with innovative applications of them within our present life endeavors. It activates energy within the aura that is calming to our emotions and those we meet.


Do you have a peach tree near by? Have you been enjoying the fruit from the tree and the energy that surrounds it? 


There are messages for us all around. It may be in the time on the clock, it may be in the cloud floating by or it may be in the animals that visit you on your doorstep. And the message may also come in the trees that lovingly provide fruit for you in your own backyard. 


What messages have you been receiving lately?


Enjoy the picture of these wonderful peaches. Close your eyes and see if you can smell the peach scent…


Angel Blessings to you.



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