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Channel Writing with Mom

Channel Writing with Mom

Mom and I are so excited! 

You may remember me sharing that the course was Mom’s idea. After sitting down and having a channel writing session with Mom, she shared the categories for the entire course. I have done very few changes with the original list she shared with me.

I am grateful Mom asked me to work with her on the creation of this course. There is much healing which happened for me as it was unfolding. As you go through the exercises and meditations, I believe there will be healing for you as well. It is such a blessing.

I invite you to read through the Channel Writing with Mom course information to see if this course is for you.

What are others saying:

“You will learn to connect with your loved ones in a way you never thought possible.”

“… my mother transitioned over 50 years ago when I was 18. It was wonderful to realize that she is still present and to have the conversations we were denied in the physical realm.”

“While the course specifically names your mother, I found initially that my mother was not who stepped forward. Ultimately, she did, but I promise you if you start with anyone who has died, with whom you had a close connection, many others will step forward.”

“The Channel Writing With Mom program was incredibly clear and well-thought-out.

I was impressed at the level of detail and approach of the program. But what I found was most incredible, was the opportunity to so easily connect with our loved ones on the other side.

This opportunity was beyond anything I could have imagined, and I can’t wait to have further conversations with both my grandma and other loved ones that have passed on;

I’m grateful to Sue and her mom for creating this incredible program.”

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Memories shared with your loved ones


Memories Shared with your Loved Ones

In this free mini course, I’ll show you how you can bring those happy memories to the forefront of your mind. The memories are there for you and your Loved One. The more you are ‘in’ the memory, replaying it, the more real it will feel.

The meditations in the course can be downloaded and enjoyed over and over again, thinking of the same Loved One or thinking of several, one at a time.

With the meditations, you are transported to another dimension.

What are others saying:

“I continue to do the course piece by peace but this calmness is over me.

… I know my grief was consuming me but I was lost. I tried to let go, I could not.

Gratitude Sue Broome – took me 16 years and I tried and your course just put me in that space of total love, … I know he finally is at peace …

Gratitude, I cannot express enough gratitude and employ everyone to take that course.”

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