Nurture / Archangel Gabriel


I wanted to share one of my favorite Angel Card decks: Archangel Oracle Cards*. I wasn’t sure where or how I was going to start, but then I was reminded…


A couple of years ago I was sitting at the kitchen table with Murphy, my neighbor. I don’t remember specifically what we were doing – talking about her day at school, having a snack, playing a game of some sort – I’m not sure, but the important thing is we were spending time together. She was probably 8 at the time.


We hear a noise in the living room. We both look at each other and she asks ‘what was that?’. I tell her it was probably one of the Angels. 😉 She promptly asks ‘which one?’. 


I said I’m not sure, but let's pull a card and see. Tears came to my eyes when she pulled the Nurture / Archangel Gabriel card from the deck. The card reads: As you nurture a child, you nurture your own inner child. Both activities are important for you right now.


Whenever Murphy and I spent time together, it always brought out the child in me. We would ‘play’ like kids play. We would make up rules to our own games. We had fun.


She would be nurtured because she had my full and undivided attention. We would walk and talk or play cards or make up our own games.


We were both nurtured and Archangel Gabriel was kind enough to remind us.


Thank you Archangel Gabriel!

  • Have you taken time to ‘play’ today?
  • Have you spent some undivided attention with a child lately?
  • Are you nurturing yourself, taking time for you?
  • Do you surround yourself or put yourself in situations where the people with you are supportive of you and what you do?

Angel Blessings to you.



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* Created by Doreen Virtue

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