My Quiet Place in Granite Dells


Granite DellsToday I was sitting at Granite Dells in Prescott. It is an amazing, magical, healing place where I knew I needed to be today.


While I was there, this is what I received from the 3 Light Beings of the Emissaries:


We are here. We are always here. We love you. You are worthy.


Yes, today we speak of worthiness. This is something all of the human race struggles with at one time or another in their lives.


It is times when you feel unworthy that are the best times to go within.


When you can go within (wherever you can find a location to do this) you get to the place of quietness within.


You know, you sense, you feel – this is a place of great reverence. This is your inner Divine.


There is strength. There is love – unconditional love.


This quiet place within you feels safe to release your worries, your fears for right now in this quiet space, you feel loved and you feel safe.


Worries and fears serve no purpose here. They serve no purpose.


Stay in this quiet, loving space as long as you would like.


Know that once you go back to your day, – the traffic, the meetings, the kids, the dogs – your safe, quiet and loving place is with you, within you, always.


You need only close your eyes, breathe and feel your quiet and loving space of unconditional love, deep within. Waiting for you to remember…


That is all.


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC

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