Moving Forward


Each day we seem to move forward in our lives. Though there are days we may feel like were on a treadmill of sorts, some days may feel like the exercise bike that takes us nowhere.

Then we have those days where we can look forward and see a clear picture of where we are going and look back to see just how far we have come.

Im feeling like that right now. Yes, I was on the treadmill of life for awhile feeling like I was doing hills and running and fast walking and not getting anywhere. Once I stopped the treadmill and got over my story, I was able to walk and move forward, with ease and grace.

The exercise bike to nowhere was put in storage, because I know I am NOW-here. I always have been.

The last couple of months I have been on a search for a new home. I have driven by, walked through, made phone calls – a lot of places. I dont even know how many and I really dont want to know.

There were days I wanted to just sit down and cry (OK, which I did). I had so much going through my head. Dreams of an upstate south carolina new home, money worries, the stress of leaving people behind. I needed to release the pent up emotions. I would release what needed to be released, take a few deep breaths, maybe scream for a bit and then focus on the positive things I have and look at where I am going.

And yes, I have found a new home. Two weeks from today I am planning on the move and I am already busy sorting things like home internet and utility bills. I am focusing on where I am going. I do see a clear picture about things that will be evolving and happening and I am excited. I just knew I needed a complete change and I knew that meant I needed to move home. I looked at all kinds of different areas, even looking at homes with William Pitt in Conneticut, but in the end I just needed someone to give me some guidance. Luckily, I had a friend who moved to South Carolina a few years back, we’ve been back in touch recently and she told me with her she used Lowcountry real estate to find hers and recommends them to people (wish she had done for me), so if you’re interested in Lowcountry Real Estate, you can find their website here. And you can feel the same happiness I feel about my new home.

So get off the treadmill, put the exercise bike away and take the steps for you, to where you know you are meant to be.

Angel Blessings to you,


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  1. Bella
    September 1, 2014 | 12:59 pm