Moving Across Country

IMG_5194No, I’m not moving across the country again. Been there, done that. 🙂 Its not in my plans to do again anytime soon.

However, yesterday a friend told me they were moving. I knew it would be coming at some point in time, down the road, but I wasnt expecting now. They had told me about plans to move to Germany and even showed me a penthouse by JLL Residential Development Germany which I must admit made me a bit jealous! Nonetheless, I didn’t think they were going to leave so soon.

I flashed to when I was telling people last year that I was moving to Arizona. It only really felt real once I had found a local moving labor provider to help logistically. I was excited, I was nervous, I was unsure of many things with twinges of fear all while looking forward to an adventure. While I was anxious about the move, at least I knew that Cars Arrive Auto Relocation had the transportation of my vehicle in hand which let me deal with the rest of it all with one less stress. There were unknowns and things that needed to be worked out, but mostly I was excited, with some overwhelm mixed in. It helped that I used Move On as they made the whole moving process a whole lot easier.

Before I moved I did many rituals around saying good-bye. I needed to do that, for the people, the places, the city I grew up, the house I lived in with both parents and all my brothers – all 7 of us. Remembering the places I would go and meet up with friends or the places I would go to be by myself and enjoy nature.

Now Im on the other end. Im not the one leaving though I will remain behind. Im not the one going on a new adventure. Im looking at what I can do to be supportive, like everyone was with me.

So what can I do:

  • Listen and be there when they want to talk about all the new and exciting things that are on their horizon.
  • Share in their excitement.
  • Let them know I am available.

These are things you can do for anyone going through a life transition. Maybe its a move across the US, maybe its a career change or maybe its a divorce or the grieving of someone close.

Look around you. I will bet if its not you going through a life transition, its someone you are close. And its probably two or three people you know.

Be there for them while remembering you need time for your replenishing as well.

Angel Blessings to you.


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