More Light to the World

Howdy Peeps!

Put your imagination to work:

Pond with lily pads reflectedImagine a small pond of water with the water very still. It has the appearance of glass. You can see the reflection of the trees and flowers, and the blue sky. You can see the clouds racing by until they reach the edge of the water and they disappear, unless you look overhead.

Now you take a small stone and gently toss it into the water. The glass reflection gets distorted. the trees and flowers look like they are doing the wave. The blue sky has a ripple through it as does the clouds. There isn't any part of the water that wasn't affected by the rock.

It takes several moments for the water to get back to it's original state of looking like glass, without a stir.

If the rock tossed into the pond is toxic, it affects the entire pond. Some drops of the water may be affected more than others because of their proximity, but all are affected none the less.

In our small pond of Earth, we are each a drop of water. We are all affected by the rocks that are tossed into the pond. If it is a rock of kindness, we all will feel the kindness on some level. And if it is a rock of negativity, we will feel it's effects as well. The rock can be words said out loud or the silent words of our thoughts!

Sometimes we don't know where the 'ripple' effect is coming from but we still feel it. Let's all spread a ripple effect of a higher vibration, of light and love. Let's have the intention of spreading more light to the world.

Prayer from the Universe and our Loved Ones on the other side of the veil:

Please accept the love of us around you, from the Universe, from the plants and animals, from the wind and the sun and the rain.

Please breathe in the freshness and breathe out your fears. Send them back to us to be transmuted.

May you feel the love from the other side of the veil, we can feel your love. We are here, and we hear. We are by your sides, sending our support when you falter and catch you before you fall.

We watch over you each and every day, no matter the weather, no matter your worries, we watch and brush away your tears. We are here and we hear. We give you our love.

Our Loved Ones from the other side of the veil are drops of water in our pond as well. Let's take their love and share it with others. Be a loving rock and spread ripples of love and light.

Angel Blessings to you.


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