Message From the Angels 92721

Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

Today we wish to speak about your connection. Your soul, you, are always connected to the Divine, to Love, to Source. There may be days your human-ness is putting up an argument telling you differently, and yet, you are always connected.

A quick process you can do to help you feel that connection again is what we would like to share with you today.

    • Sit in a quiet location where you will not be interrupted.
    • Allow your body to be in a position that is comfortable to you.
    • Close your eyes.
    • Place your hand [either hand] on your high heart area [chest area].
    • Breathe in slowly, while feeling love — what it feels like to love another, what it feels like to feel loved from another.
    • Exhale any tensions.
    • Breathe in slowly, while feeling your Guardian Angels supporting you.
    • Exhale doubts and frustrations.
    • Breathe in slowly, feeling the connection of the Divine. Feel the connection strengthen as you put your focus there.
    • Exhale all that is doubting.
    • Breathe in slowly, feeling the Divine connection fill every cell of your body, every space in between your cells, until each tiny bit of space is filled with this living connection.
    • Exhale what doesn’t serve you.
    • Breathe in slowly, feeling only love.

Stay in this space as long as you would like. Whenever you are ready, open your eyes, knowing that your connection is always there. Whenever you need, do this process again. You may also find that by placing your hand on your high heart area will take you back to this feeling, instantaneously.

We are always here to assist, all you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


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