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Have you ever felt that someone is ‘out to get you’ or that someone else is secretly 'doing things to you’? Do you have that perception about anyone or any situation going on in your life right now? Or has this been someone or something you’ve thought about in the past?

Here is a secret I’m going to share with you. No one is out to get you. No one is doing anything to you. 

When you have the perception that something is being done to you, look in the mirror. Do you notice who is staring back at you? What is your part in the situation? Are you giving in to a fear? 

Well, there is something you may not be looking at, that you haven’t uncovered yet.

If you look at a situation where you feel someone is doing something to you, let’s look at that person specifically. Even if they have said something to you that wasn’t nice or was condescending in some way, that’s OK. 

There is something for you to see. One way to open your mind and open your heart to the situation and to the person is to write them a letter. Now, this is not a letter to send. This is a letter for you. This is a way to express how you feel. You do not need to share this with anyone. This is for you.

This is a letter to also, thank them for being in your life, for bringing up these things to you, the hurts, the tones, the whatever it is for you. This is a way for you to express how grateful you are to them, for shining a spotlight on a hurt you may not have realized you even had.

Message From the Angels

Dear Ones,

All of you were brought together to help each other during your lifetimes. You decided on what you wanted to learn each lifetime and your friends, co-workers, family, relatives are all a part of this. So are the people who come into your life that cause you the most angst.

These are your soul mates as well. You have decided to come together to experience many things together. 

Thank those in your life for the experiences they have come to share with you and for the expansion that you have because of them.

We are here to assist, all you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

Empowerment 4 You LLC

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