Message From the Angels 91718

Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

Today we wish to speak of, there is so much more than what meets the eye.

This may seem like a strange topic for Angels to be talking about and yet there is a need more and more, to remind you, to share with you, to encourage you, that so much of what is, is unseen by your physical eyes.

Yes, many of you then tune into your internal knowing, your third eye, asking your higher self for wisdom — which these are all important. These all are very helpful for you on your journey.

You tune into your Spirit Guides, your Loved Ones on the other side, universal wisdom, God, as well as your own Guardian Angels. These are all encouraged as well. These are more ways for you to move with ease and grace along your path. Your days may seem to run that much more smoothly.

There is still, so much more than meets the eye. Here are just a couple of examples of the ‘unseen world’:

  • trees which have a root system that go deep down as well as expand out
  • an iceberg which has the largest percentage of itself under water
  • vegetables which grow underground (potatoes, carrots, etc)

Why do we bring this up? Trust in the unseen. Open your heart and have faith.

Your world has so many things that come to push you … into trust. You may see it differently. You may feel as if your world has gone crazy, the environment is against you, others in your world are out to get you. These are not true.

There are many ways to trust, with an open heart. We offer you this process today, which is something which will strengthen the more you do it.

Release – release what does not serve you 

  • old beliefs (whether they were originally yours or not)
  • things which are not your responsibility to carry the burden of
  • worry / stress / frustration /unworthiness / defeat
  • old hurts or wounds which you are holding onto

Allow – feel our love, feel the Divine’s love, fill you up

  • breathe in this love, breathe it into each cell of who you are
  • breathe it into your body and expand it to fill your aura and beyond
  • feel this love and feel only the love

As you are doing this, you feel your heart open and the love is filling you up, spilling over and through your essence. Feel the trust and the faith being restored and strengthened as you feel the Divine’s love and our love.

Ask yourself each day, if this is filling you with love, with trust, with faith of all of the support that is there for you or if it is depleting you with an old belief, an old story or someone else’s belief or story.

If it does not serve you, allow it to go. Fill with love.

We are here for you, all you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

Empowerment 4 You LLC

2 Responses to Message From the Angels 91718
  1. Annette
    September 20, 2018 | 6:29 am

    I feel joyful each time I read a message from the Angels.Thank you!

    • Sue Broome
      September 20, 2018 | 6:40 am

      Thank you Annette. That’s beautiful and I am grateful. ❤️
      Angel Blessings to you

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