Message From the Angels 90318

Something has come up lately for me and I know others are being affected by the same theme (same thing in your own life and your own version).

You may be friends or acquaintances or follow them in some way. Maybe they are a public figure, someone you admire or follow in some way. Maybe you’ve learned from them over the years through a book or movie they were in.

Then something shifts so drastically in their world and you are left standing there, confused, scratching your head and wondering — hmm, what happened? It’s as if everything they said, everything they shared, everything they portrayed to be — has taken a step off a cliff, into a volcano that was erupting, in the middle of the ocean during an earthquake. 

If it’s someone who is a close friend, you would reach out to make sure they were OK. If it was an acquaintance you may do the same thing if that is feasible, or maybe post something on their FB page or send a message through one of the many forms of social media.

If it’s someone you really don’t know because they are a public figure of some sort, you may not feel you’re able to do anything about it. 

No matter who it is, if their life, their beliefs, their views have shifted so much from where they were to where they are now, this may leave you feeling confused, hurt, betrayed, bewildered, puzzled, and wonder — ‘ come acquistare vardenafil 20 mg online now what???’.

cialis generico 20 mg online Now what because the beliefs you may have shared with this person are now coming up for you to look at — are they your beliefs and are they still your beliefs?

Wherever ‘they were’ and wherever ‘they are’ and wherever ‘they are going’ it is up to them. You are responsible for your life and what you believe and what you do with it. They are responsible for theirs — period! This may be a time for you to go that much more into who you are and who you are becoming.

Whether you believe with their 180 or not is beside the point. You have to look at what you are left with. You have some wonderful memories you shared and you have some awesome lessons you learned along the way. You are on your path, they are on theirs.

go here Message From the Angels 90318

Dear Ones,

Go within, deep within Dear One, and be with the light you are. Your light has not dampened or dimmed because of anyone else. In fact, your light may shine brighter now because you are able to see more of who you are.

Another way of seeing this Dear One is maybe they are stepping aside for others to shine their lights.

We feel we must add, click here no one needs to do this — you do not ever need to dim your light in order for others to shine theirs. In fact, the more you band together, the better. cialis generico 5 mg in farmacia When one light shines, it sets the torch brighter on those it is touching as well as helps others’ lights shine brighter.

Please understand this Dear Ones, all of you!! Shine your light bright because you all have lights that are meant to shine. You are meant to have your light touch and spark others through inspiration, creativity, fun & games, and in just being YOU!

We are here to assist in any way we can. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

This may not seem like a betrayal or deception, however, if the views are so vastly different than they were for the length of time you were friends (acquaintances, following them, etc), it certainly may feel like it. There may be a part of you wondering if it were all a lie.

If you find yourself going through a situation similar, and would like assistance on your healing journey, contact me for a healing session. These are forms of trauma and grief is also brought into the mix. I work with healing grief and trauma (through the Angels of course!).

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