Message From the Angels 82817

Angel WingsDear Ones,

There is much stirring up of things with many of you. What we mean by this is there is either turmoil in your life with illness, friends or family transitioning, moving, leaving or changing jobs and so many other things.

The stirring of the energies is a good thing and yet it can feel like you have no footing under you right now. In fact it may even feel as if you are slipping in and out of other dimensions at times.

All of this is true. Yes, you are going in and out of dimensions throughout your day. Yes, it feels like your feet are being pulled out from under you. Yes, the energies helping all of this along is a good thing.

Here are two things which will help you as you transition through all of these things:

  • Breathe. Yes, this is so important and yet many of you are holding your breath or taking very shallow breaths or both. Consciously breathe for a couple of minutes a day a few times in a day and you will notice a difference – within the first day.
  • Gratitude. This is not just saying the word, this is about feeling gratitude, appreciation, love, for what is going on. There will always be something about what is happening that you can feel the gratitude and appreciation.

Dear Ones, make these two things a part of your day. Put them together and breathe in gratitude and breathe out appreciation and breathe in love and breathe out love. Feel the flow within your heart and your body. Feel the shift in the energy.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

Empowerment 4 You LLC

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