Message From the Angels 81020

Dear Ones,

You are such a powerful being — yes, YOU!

Each of you is so much more powerful than you see yourself to be. You have a Divine spark within that will grow if you feed the flames with love. Many of you cannot see yourself as the powerhouse you are. You dim yourself down, dimming your light or hiding it. Yet it is still here.

When you are feeding into the negative energy that is surrounding you, you are dimming your light. When you are discounting who you are and the love you have within, you are hiding your light. When you are giving your power to another, you are dimming your light.

The time is now, today, this very moment, for you to accept yourself as a Divine spark with a powerfully bright light. Today, now, is the moment you KNOW you are in charge of your expression of light through your gifts.

Each of you is unique. Each has your own gifts to share in your own way.

When you sit quietly, hand on your heart, and breath into your inner knowing, the Divine spark within, watch as the embers which have always been there, are fanned into flames. Watch as they are ignited and your light gets brighter and brighter.

Breathe deeply to remember the feeling, of the powerful being you are.

We are always with you, all you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

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Angel Blessings to you.


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