Message From the Angels 73117

Angel WingsI’m sitting on the front porch, tuning into the Angels to see what they have to say today. I am drawn to the sky to all the different clouds that we have going on right now.

One looks like a feather, some look like waves, some look like the shape of a turtle and there are others that look like cotton balls. As I’m looking at the clouds, I see in my mind’s eye a rainbow and then a feather falling to the ground.

Yes, the Angels give us signs and messages in many different ways, just as our Loved Ones do. It does come down to what is your focus and your intention. Are you asking a question of your Angels or of your Loved One?

The Angels want all of us to know they are with us always, helping us when we ask for help, giving us guidance along the way, showing us the next step or two on our journeys.

Ask the Angels a question and allow your mind to drift and the answers to unfold within. Are you noticing shapes or sounds? Are you seeing colors or movement? Are you feeling something on your skin?

Message From the Angels 73117

Dear Ones,

We are here for you. We will start out slow with our answers if that will make it easier for you. We will repeat ourselves again and again if that’s what you need to notice our messages. We will be next to you every step of the way along your journey, as much as you would like us to be.

We love you and we would like you to call upon us for the little things as well as the big. Start with small things if that will help you to feel we are here and helping you. 

Hear us Dear One, we are with you when you call. We are here for you when you ask. We love you.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

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