Message From the Angels 72020

Angel Wings

A question popped into my mind Sunday morning, with all that is being revealed and coming to light in our world today. It sounded like a perfect question to ask the Angels:

What if ‘my truth’ is based on ‘lies’ or ‘false beliefs.’

Message From the Angels 72020

Dear Ones,

This is an excellent question. Before we answer the question you are asking, we must back up just a touch. The reason this would even be a question is if you:

  • are not discerning
  • do not trust yourself in the information you are receiving

We believe this is truly where to focus our attention.

As you said, currently in your world there is much information coming to the surface and being revealed. It may seem that each day there is something that is even more incredulous than the day before.

This year on your planet is a year when you will look back and realize much was hidden, and much was truly not hidden. It was that many chose not to see.

This is a year on your planet where many are deciding they would like to take their spiritual connections to the next phase, the next level.

Slowing down, going within — this has been a theme over the last several months though it may seem just the opposite. Going within is the place where your own discernment lies. This is where YOU and YOUR connection with the Divine, is what allows you to know what is right for you, in your world.

When you are discerning what is before your eyes, or what appears to be before your eyes, there are some easy steps, that you already do, they just may need some refining.

  • Clear your energy. This is always at the start as you want to be as clear as you can to move forward.
  • Strengthen your connection. Ensure you are fully connected to the Divine, Spirit and that your light is shining bright.
  • Take several deep breaths. This is also a way of clearing your energy and feeling your connection to the Divine.
  • Ask your question. This is taking the information you feel you know to be true and asking the question, is this truth. Feel what it feels like in your body. Is it light, is it heavy, does it make you smile, does it bring up other feelings.

That is where to start, with all that you are hearing. The things you believe you know to be true because of what you felt yesterday or last week, you may want to ensure that it still feels true for you. It may and at times, it may not. It is because the energy is shifting and you are expanding.

So the original question, now looking at it — it was where you were on your spiritual path and whether you were ready to look deeper and take the next step(s) on your spiritual journey. There may also be a part(s) of you that was set on believing a certain belief because you didn’t want to let anyone down or you didn’t want to stand alone in your belief. As you expand, there are things that no longer apply and can be released.

As we and other loving beings continue to send love, so much love, and healing to your planet, the energy shifts, and changes. We love you and we are here to assist you in any way we can.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC

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