Message From the Angels 71714


Wings Light No White BG

Dear Ones,


Please allow us to assist you, if you are open and willing. Ask us to:


Release what does not belong to you. Emotions that come on suddenly, for no apparent reason many times are not yours. This may happen after going to a crowded place or even when driving down the road. The emotion may be anger or fear or you may even become tearful. 


Clear your aura of psychic debris. This may feel like you are in a fog or walking through cobwebs. This sometimes may feel like you just woke from a deep sleep and are not fully awake yet. There may be old emotions, stuck energy we can clear from your pathway.


“Catch you” when you are coming from a place of ego, and assist you to come from a place of love. You may notice these times when you are feeling competitive or controlling either another or your environment or if you are getting annoyed over small things. Many times there is an underlying emotion you are not wanting or not willing to look at.


Clear attachments. If you are moving or changing your place of employment or saying good-bye to a wonderful friend, clearing the attachments is helpful for you to move forward. This does not mean you will not have the wonderful memories. We are referring to attachments that may be keeping you frozen, where you are. Cutting the cords of old attachments are a specialty of Archangel Michael. He uses his sword of light to release these cords. Cords of love can never be cut.


We are here for you. All you need to do is ask, and then allow us to help.


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you.



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