Message From the Angels 70716

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Dear Ones,

Today is an experiential message. We want you to experience — love, peace, harmony, grace, compassion, softness, ease, flow — you get the idea!

There has been so much going on in the world that has many of you feeling an anxiety or apprehension. The channel feels it also, as do many speaking with her. There is so much growth and expansion you are all going through. That is what some of it is as well. It’s a feeling you have not necessarily felt in a long time.

Some is also due to the changes and evolutions going on all around you. It may affect you directly and even if it doesn’t appear to, it does affect you as we are all connected.

Please do this at least once a day and especially whenever you feel anxiety coming on:


  • feel your intake breath come in through your nose and expand into your cells
  • breathe so you can feel this life-force come all the way down to your very toes
  • hold for just a couple of seconds


  • release through your mouth
  • let go of any tensions carried in your body
  • allow fears to fall away


  • love and peace within you
  • our loving wings enveloping you with love, with compassion, with peace, with joy, with harmony

Allow the Divine energy

  • to fill every cell of your being
  • to melt through your body, head to toe, filling every single space
  • to move through you, deep down into Mother Earth, connecting our love, your love and Mother Earth’s love, even stronger

We love you and are here to help you feel more love, peace, harmony and ease.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

Empowerment 4 You LLC

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