Message From the Angels 70314

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Dear Ones,


Today we speak of freedom and independence. Yes, we understand July 4th is tomorrow in the US. That is part of why this is coming up now.


Look within, in your thoughts, in your heart and where do you feel you are trapped, emotionally. That is the freedom we speak of. Look within and where do you feel dependent upon. That is the independence we speak of.


You can expand your thoughts of being trapped or stuck or dependent or frustrated.


Look at everything in your life as an illusion. Your soul has set these things up in your life because these are things you wanted to learn. You may not remember you wanted to and yet, you did, otherwise your life situations would not be showing up.


It is not that you set up exactly what it is that’s happening. You set up the lesson you would learn from it.


Two books that talk about this are Your Soul’s Plan and Your Soul’s Gift by Robert Schwartz.  They will give you a more in depth understanding of this concept, as it is new to many of you.


How to expand your thoughts right now? Remember or imagine something you love, something that brings you peace and makes your heart sing. It can be many things, as everyone has their own things. It may be:

  • spending time with a friend
  • a special pet
  • a beautiful flower
  • a walk in nature
  • singing or listening to music
  • dance

Do what you can to bring yourself back into the freedom and independence mindset.


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC


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