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Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

Today we speak of memories. We have spoken of memories in the past and today we will talk of another aspect.

We have spoken of how memories of your Loved Ones are what keeps them alive in your hearts. This is very true and this is also what will help ease your grief — memories you share and memories others share to you.

When someone transitions, as we have said before, there is much celebration on one side of the veil and sadness on the other. The sadness is from the absence of your Loved One in the physical.

Memories assist with the grieving because as you are sharing, you are either laughing or crying or both. This helps move your emotions so they do not get ‘stuck’ in your body. Emotions, moving, transitioning, as your Loved One as done.

Transitioning — from one space to another — moving in the flow of love and life. Stopping in one space and being stuck for a moment is OK. Stopping and allowing things to cement in around you is not healthy for you Dear One.

Share your memories, your stories, with others. Allow others to share their stories with you. This helps everyone. Emotions move, emotions are processed, energy transitions, and the flow of love continues to move.

One more wonderful sharing on memories. Remember when — remember when your Loved One was laughing and smiling and joyful and carefree — because that is how they are once they have transitioned. Free, full of life, joyful, and so glad to be home. They reach out to comfort you, so take some time to breathe and notice.

We are here to assist you in any way we can. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

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Angel Blessings to you.


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