Message From the Angels 60120

Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

Today we speak of awakening or waking up as some may say.

Each of you are on your own spiritual path. You may be connecting more with your higher self, with nature, with your breath, more than you ever have. You may have always been doing it and yet now seems like there are more times throughout your day when you stop, get present, and just ‘be’ in the moment.

This is what true awakening is about.

When you are in your ‘now’ space, going within, working through old emotions, clearing what no longer serves you, the more you awaken. The more you are able to bring the love of the Divine into your core essence, to spark your own Divine essence within, this is awakening.

As you connect to your true Divine spark within, you feel the strength within you and supporting you. This is what awakening is.

As you connect with your truth, your knowing, this is awakening.

We support you every step of the way in your awakening.

If you feel you are not waking up yet, start today. Sit with yourself, notice your breath, notice the heartbeat of Mother Nature, notice the support of your Guardian Angels. Breathe in your connection and love, breathe out love. Know that with each breath, there is a strengthening of your connection, of your awakening. It may feel subtle with new things you are aware of or notice or it may come in huge waves. Allow it to be, whatever it is.

We are here to support you. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC

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