Message From the Angels 51817

Angel WingsI wanted to talk today about our Loved Ones. Most of us have someone we know that has transitioned. 

Some people say they died. I generally don’t say that anymore. I know they are here, with us, just in a different form or a different dimension. And they are always with us in our hearts. That is what keeps their memories alive, with us and to friends and family.

When we are sharing stories of our Loved One with others, they are alive as we are telling the story. It’s as if they come back to life for that time. It may bring laughter, sometimes tears or a smile. When you share a story, a memory, they feel that love, your energy, your emotion, and they are sharing in the story too.

Think of a great story of your Loved One and share it with someone tomorrow. The connection you share will strengthen in the sharing as well.

Let’s see if the Angels have anything to add.

Message From the Angels 51817

Dear Ones, 

The bond, the love you share with your Loved Ones is always there. When they transition, the energy of love does not go away, it is still strong and will remain.

The days you may be feeling a bit more sad than usual or missing them even more, these are the days to ask them, your Loved One(s) to step a little closer to you with their love. Ask them for a happy memory they would like to share with you. You may be surprised by some of the memories that float into your awareness as you go about your day. Their love is always here.

~ Your Angels ~

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Angel Blessings to you.

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