Message From the Angels 50817

Angel Wings Have you ever been deceived? Deception truly is an interesting word. You may be deceived by someone who truly believes what it is they are deceiving you about. It isn’t right. Their truth may be so misconstrued and they just pass on the deception.

Here is the dictionary’s interpretation of the different variations: 

  • concealing or misrepresenting the truth
  • cause someone to believe something that is not true
  • failure to admit (to oneself) that something is true

I recently was in a situation where there was a level of deception happening. It really was interesting because the person doing the deceiving truly believed what they were saying. You could tell they believed what was coming out of their mouth. It was their truth yet not mine.

I am very open and truly want to believe what others are speaking of and hoping they are coming from their heart as I do. I want to believe the best about people, who they are, who they present themselves to be, etc. 

Let’s hear what the Angels have to share with us.

Message From the Angels 50817

Dear Ones,

Because everyone is on their own spiritual journey, they are all coming from a different space. Their truth may not be your truth. Their deception may be so very steeped in who they are that it is part of their very DNA. They do not see things in any other way. In fact if you were to bring it up to them in a different way they very well may look at you like you are coming from another world.

In their reality, you are.

You must ‘feel’ what the truth is for you. Feel it with your heart not with your mind. Notice if there is fog around them or a feeling of unease that comes up as they speak. It may also feel like it’s foreign to you. These are some of the signs of deception. 

Whenever you feel something is off, pay attention. We can also assist you if you would like. We can amplify the deception in these situations for you so they become more and more obvious to you.

All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

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Angel Blessings to you.

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