Message From the Angels 41717

Two things really struck me over this last weekend. 

First, I was walking a couple of times over the weekend and took pictures of the sky because I noticed so many chemtrails*. You many not know what they are (links to several articles at the end of the blog), you may not believe in them or you may feel it’s all a bunch of hooey. I personally, do feel they happen, they happen a lot more here then when I lived in WI and they seem to be happening more often and being thicker than in the past. You cannot tell me these are 'normal' plane exhaust.

I had posted some pictures from both Saturday and Sunday, how thick they were. And my eyes can feel the effects (they burn). I also posted a Benevolent Prayer along with it, which I would ask that you please say it out loud and share it with others:

I ask any and all beings to assist with clearing the environment of any chemtrails results and that the air be pure, wonderful and beneficial to breathe.

Thank you

A couple responses I received:

  • Just awful that this is beyond our control.
  • Horrible! I hate these things…

Which brings to mind the second thing. This is the quote from Abraham (Law of Attraction) from Sunday:

You cannot find someone, even if they deserve it, as your enemy and stay Connected with who you are at the same time, because your Source will not take sides like that. No one can stay connected to Source Energy, and push hard against someone else. There are these battles that are fought in the name of "God", and all of these prayers that say, "God is on our side," and we say, god is not on your side, nor is god on the side of those who fight against you. god does not take those sides. —Abraham

Now go back to the two responses. The first one saying ‘beyond our control’. The Benevolent Prayer IS WITHIN OUR CONTROL! We can always ask the Divine, the Angels, Star Beings, Beings of Love & Light, for assistance. That’s what the BP is doing. Asking and thanking Archangel Michael to vacuum away the chemicals that are harmful, this is something we all have control over. We can all ask. So we CAN do something – we do have that within our control.

With the quote from Abraham, yes, we may be frustrated with someone or something (like the chemtrails) however, sending hate isn’t the answer. Saying hateful things or sending hateful thoughts are not the answer. That feeds the negativity.

Message From the Angels 41717

Dear Ones,

If you cannot find it within your being to send love to a situation, please ask us to. We are here to assist in any way we can. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

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Replays for both are available on my website.

*Links on chemtrails sites for information:




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