Message From the Angels 41317

Dear Ones,

Today we wish to speak of joy.

  • Do you bring joy into your life? 
  • Do you do things that bring you joy?
  • Do you spend time with others that when you walk away you feel joyful?
  • Do you take time out of your day, each day, to do something just for the sake of joy?

If you have answered no to any of these, we would like to help you bring more joy into your life.

First, you do need to take some time and figure out what brings you joy. This is different than being happy or content. This is a feeling with a higher vibration than being happy. Take some time to explore what it is that truly brings you joy. For some of you, you may need to think back quite a ways, maybe even to when you were a child.

Second, find a way to take one of the items from your list and bring it into your life. You can start out weekly if that makes more sense right now. Work at it to see if you can increase the number of times within a week to see if you can get it to once a day. OR have a couple of things you bring into your week so maybe you’re doing something different each day that brings you joy. 

We would like to see you doing something that brings you joy, each and every day. 

Third, help another person. Grab a friend and help them figure out what brings them joy and help them to incorporate it more into their day as well. This in turn will help you. 

Joy may feel foreign initially because for some of you it’s been a very long time. The more joy you bring into your days, the easier it will become. And the easier it becomes, the more joy will easily come to you. Isn’t that interesting!

We love you and are here to assist you in any way we can. Remember to ask! 

~ Your Angels ~

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