Message From the Angels 40119

Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

Today we wish to speak of what you refer to as make believe.

Did you know there really is no such thing as “make believe?” You have been taught that if you use your imagination and you make it up, that you are making yourself believe something that really isn’t true.

We are here to tell you there is no make believe. When you use your imagination and conjure up something, no matter how far fetched it may seem in your 3D reality, it is real. There are many dimensions you do not yet fully understand and when you go into your imagination and seemingly create things, it is real — in another dimension.

If you were to close your eyes right now and walk down a path and notice a huge castle in front of you with cotton candy type colors and water fountains galore, you can actually see this in your mind, correct? It’s because it’s real, in some dimension, and when you close your eyes it comes to life.

So we ask you today, to close your eyes and imagine or “make believe,” something you would like to do and aren’t quite sure how, or something you have always wanted to do and just haven’t done it yet. Add the details, the colors, the sounds, the fragrances, what people might be wearing (including yourself). Add any details you would like.

When you have done this, we ask you, wasn’t it “real?”

Make believe and create today. We are happy to assist. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC

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  1. Krish & Bella
    April 1, 2019 | 1:09 pm

    Thank you…