Message From the Angels / 3614

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Dear Ones,


There is so much love and light coming into your world now, into your auras, into your energies, into your lives.


The brighter the energies are, the more love coming in. It is a time for you to bask, bask in the love and the light. 


It is also a time for the light to shine on those things you keep so hidden. 



There are things you think you can keep hidden, deep inside where no one can see them. You have them hidden so you think you can’t even see them.


Hmm… We see them Dear Ones. We know where they are hidden. We know where all the crevices are. And you, you know they are there as well.

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There is nothing to fear as fear is an illusion. The things you have been hiding so deep for so long are ready to have our light and love shine upon them. You may shed some tears and show some emotions. That is perfectly OK, in fact it is better than OK. Tears and emotions are not meant to be kept hidden. 


Emotions are meant to be ‘in motion’. Tears are a cleansing. Think of these hidden tears and emotions as a cleansing for your soul.


Now is the time to allow, allow our love to shine within you, to allow our love to grow and to allow the feeling of the love to penetrate through every cell of your body and out into your aura. And allow your aura to shine bright. 


Allow our love to combine with yours. The brighter you shine on others, the brighter they shine.


Allow the hidden to become seen. Allow our love, your love, to grow.


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you



Empowerment 4 You LLC


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