Message From the Angels 32519

Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

Today we wish to speak of keeping the faith. We realize this may be a heavy topic for some and yet, we thought timing is perfect.

Keeping the faith — when things are going just as you planned, as you anticipated — is easy. It’s when things don’t seem to be working out or going as smoothly, or even as quickly, that faith may be a bit more difficult.

We would like to assist you and give you some ideas if things aren’t going quite the way you had planned:

  • Keep the vision, of the end result — not in details so much, but as in the feeling of the end result.
    • If the feeling has senses (sight, sounds, scents, etc) that may be involved, bring these into play.
  • Release that it has to go a specific way — again, keep the vision of the end result, not the steps along the way.
  • Let go of anxieties that may arise. Many times when you are feeling anxious, frustrated, fearful, you may be holding your breath. Breathe in faith and breathe out anxieties.
  • Call a friend you know will keep you in the faith mode. If someone is stirring the pot of more anxiety, thank them for their input and call another.
  • As you are recalling your vision, the end result, add “this or something better” to the end of the vision.
  • If things are not happening as quickly as you had imagined, thank Divine Spirit for Divine Timing. Getting yourself in the “gratitude” feeling can be thought of as a fuel additive. 

These may sound very much like manifestation and you would be correct. Whenever you are manifesting, faith is one of the ingredients in the fuel.

We are always here to assist, all you need do is ASK!

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC

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