Message From the Angels 32017

Dear Ones,

Today we speak of detoxing your life. This is similar to ‘pulling weeds.’

Today we would like to break this down a bit more to make it easier for you and maybe a bit less overwhelming. First break your life down into different sections – work, home, spiritual, friendships/relationships, etc. Break it down into as many sections as you find easiest.

Now look at each section and see what belongs now. You can rate each thing or put all of the things in each category into a list with the most important at the top of the list.

Start with one category and work as much as you can before moving on to the next category. Then do the same with each of them. You may have 10 things in each, you may have many more. However many you have is fine for you.

Now take the time to look at the things that ranked the lowest and ask yourself if they still belong or do you need to detox or weed that out of your life.

This may seem like a slow and tedious process and yet, it’s something that will benefit you if you take the time to do it. 

This can be done with different rooms as well. And if that is too overwhelming, start with a drawer. You may see this as Feng Shui-ing your life and yes, that’s a great analogy as well.

Enjoy the process. Do not turn it into work. Make it a game if you can. 

Once you are complete, you will feel much refreshed and uplifted. Remember, ask us for assistance if you would like as we are always here for you.

~ Your Angels ~

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