Message From the Angels 31317

Dear Ones,

Today we speak of feeling the love. We have spoken of this in the past and it continues to come up for many — where you do not feel love, or loved.

It all starts with you, loving yourself. 

Here is the easiest way to do this, if you are unsure how:

  • get into a comfortable position and close your eyes
  • take a couple of deep breaths, relaxing more and more with each breath
  • bring to mind someone you dearly love (a child, a pet, a parent, a friend – it will be different for everyone)
  • hold the love you feel for them, feeling it fill your body
  • hold yourself in that love, expanding it within your heart
  • feel yourself in that love and continue to expand it
  • know that you are loved, by you

Do this every day to allow the love to saturate into your cells. If you are having any difficulty with this exercise, repeat the mantra I choose love.

~ Your Angels ~

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