Message From the Angels 22615


Dear Ones,


Today we speak of layers of complexity. These are the layers that each of you put around yourself for protection or as a facade. 


Many times you don’t realize they are even there. Something may happen when you are a child and you put a layer of protection around you. This could be from not receiving what you wanted, either in the form of love or a toy or you got scolded and took that to mean you were not loved.


As you go through your life, you add layer upon layer depending on what happens to you. These are not bad things, they are just things.


They do not need to be there as a protective shell. You can wear a shell of love instead.


We will share with you the best way to do this – it is similar to other things we have shared:

  • get into a comfortable position and close your eyes
  • take a few deep breaths
  • imagine layer upon layer, melting away from your aura, from your body – you may feel a lightness happening all over your body, particularly in your shoulders
  • continue to imagine a melting affect for as many moments as you will need
  • know that as the layers melt away from you, they are transmuted to love
  • now imagine a golden glow coming from within – it will be as if you have a soft glowing light coming from all around you, that you can see comes from within
  • notice the freshness you feel within and in your physical body, you look brighter all around
  • know this is your love shining through – the old layers of “protection” are no longer needed
  • take a couple deep breaths and ground yourself – feeling the love from Mother Earth and your love going deep down into Mother Earth as well


The first time you do this, you may want to spend several minutes and then once a week for several weeks and then once a month. You are so loved!!


~ Your Angels ~


Angel Blessings to you.



Empowerment 4 You LLC

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