Message From the Angels 21020

Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

Today we would like to speak of ‘being aware’ or ‘be aware.’

Wherever you are, be aware of what and who is going on around you. This is not just looking with your physical eyes to see. We are speaking of also using your feelings, your emotions, what you may feel in your ‘gut’ though you may not see with your physical eyes.

  • Be aware of what the energy feels like as you walk into a room or down the street on a walk.
  • Be aware of what the street feels like as you are driving your car.
  • Be aware of what your social media feels like as you are scanning through.

We are not saying this to come from a place of fear. We are just speaking of being aware, noticing, taking a step back and noticing things from a different perspective.

Be aware of your own energy.

  • Are you judging a situation or person, before you are aware of what may be going on?
  • Are you making a decision based on what another may have told you rather than feeling into the situation or person yourself?
  • Are you judging the situation for what may have happened in the past rather than allowing this one to stand on its own?

Something to think about to put another spin on it. Imagine all of these situations, people, past events, are ducks in a pond swimming around. Now imagine your energy is the pond, the water the ducks are swimming in.

You control the temperature of the water and the movement of the water. If you have a loving energy or a neutral energy, all beings respond accordingly. If you are cold and turbulent, beings respond accordingly as well. You can adjust the temperature and the movement depending on what the other beings may be doing.

Be aware — of what other energies are around you and what you bring to the table.

We love you and are happy to assist. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC

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