Message From the Angels 120919

Angel Wings

Dear Ones,

There are still so many of you who are in need of clearing your energy. We have spoken of this many times. Today, we will give you some additional ideas to assist.

For each of these clearing methods, please find yourself in a comfortable position with no disturbances for a few moments. Take a few deep breaths to get yourself relaxed. You can do any of these by themselves or any combination in any order.

  1. Imagine you have a clear bubble surrounding your aura, extending beyond your aura as much as you feel comfortable. Now, allow the love and light of the Divine to come in through the top of this clear bubble, filling it with a white so bright. This allows you to notice anything that is no longer needed, that no longer serves you as it will show up in a hue or color other than the Divine white light and love. This bubble easily allows anything to be released, to be let go. The bubble only allows Divine love and light in. This may take a few moments. Stay in the Divine white light and bubble as long as you would like and come back as often as you would like.
  2. This next option is two different and yet related methods of clearing.
    1. Imagine a pool of crystal blue sparkling water in front of you. The blue is the most brilliant blue you have ever seen and the top of the water is as smooth as glass. You can see some steam coming from the water so you know the temperature will be ideal. When you are ready, dive into the pool. Allow anything that is not of you, any thoughts that are not yours, any old beliefs, anything you are ready to release, allow them to be washed away and cleansed in the pool. Stay in as long as you would like.
    2. Imagine a beautiful waterfall in front of you. It is gently washing down and you can feel the cleansing and clearing power it has, just intuitively. You know, as soon as you walk through the waterfall you will be cleansed and cleared of anything that is not yours and anything ready to be release. You may walk and stand under the waterfall or walk through it over and over. Do what feels right for you.
  3. Imagine you are standing in the middle of a wheat field. The grain is over 3 feet high and golden in color. You are standing in the center where there is a clearing. The sun is shining brightly overhead. You can feel the warmth. You put your arms straight out on either side, you turn your face slightly to the warmth of the sun and you close your eyes. You can feel the brush of Angels’ wings, not touching your physical body, but almost as though they are brushing your aura clean (which is exactly what is happening.) You can feel them move all around you and above you. You even notice it is as if they are clearing under your feet. You feel as though you are shining as bright and sparkling as much as the golden wheat field in the sunlight.

With each of these, please stay as long as you would like. Use them as often as you feel is beneficial.

We are here to help in any way we can. All you need do is ask.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

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