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Dear Ones,

Today we speak of mantras and continuing the theme of peace, love and joy. Yes, we spoke of these just the other day.

You may be familiar with mantras. If you are not, it is a word or a sound that will assist with you in this. We would like you to pick a word like peace, love or joy and have it be your mantra. If it is not one of these words, have it be a word with high vibration. Here are some additional ideas of words you could use:

faith ~ blessing ~ believe ~ gratitude ~ happy ~ unity
 friend ~ dream ~ God ~ Spirit ~ Divine ~ Angel ~ health
freedom ~ trust ~ harmony ~ strength

These are single words that you are most likely familiar with. Pick a word that feels good to you. Say it a couple of times and pay attention to how it feels in your body. Use that word for the day as your mantra. Choose several days if you’d like.

As you start your day, say the word and feel it as you are breathing in. Feel it in your body as if the word itself is melting within your body. Keep repeating the word. Say it silently, say it in a whisper, say it out loud. 

Repeat with feeling behind it, starting with one minute and working up to two or three minutes.

If you are having a particular stressful time, repeat the word until you are calmer and are feeling less stressed.

This is something easy that everyone can do and it will truly make a difference in how you feel.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.

Empowerment 4 You LLC


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