Message From the Angels 12020

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This last weekend I went to a group healing intention. It is based on the work of Lynne McTaggart. I have always been intrigued by her stories, starting with my first recollection of her and The Intention Experiment. Her work continues to expand and evolve.

The group decided as a whole on what our group focused intention would be. After clearing out the old and releasing (which the Angels have talked about quite a bit) we came together for this focused intention healing.

It was beautiful, being a part of a group all focusing on this healing, outside of ourselves. I was very glad I went and I know our focused healing was amplified, exponentially.

I would love to see if the Angels something to share on this.

Message From the Angels 12020

Dear Ones,

When you are gathered with others, with a single intention, it is amplified. It is similar to a pebble in a pond and yet so much more.

Imagine a rock or boulder being plopped into the water. It does a ripple effect the same as a pebble would and it goes out, ring after ring expanding. 

Now imagine there are multiple rocks or boulders being plopped into the water, one right after another after another. The expanding rings occur over and over again. There are more rocks and there are more rings of expansion and the reach of the rings is further.

When you gather with another or several others, with love in your hearts, the love is expanded far and beyond when it is only you with the pebble. Please do not stop with your pebbles and we would encourage you to join with others as well.

Remember also to ask us to join as well. The love will be expanded even more.

~ Your Angels ~

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Angel Blessings to you.


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