Message From the Angels 112717

Angel WingsDear Ones,

Today we speak of going into the stillness.

It may not be stillness around you. In fact it may be chaotic with a lot going on. This is not the stillness we speak of.

We are speaking of no matter where you may be, you can easily find the stillness within. The stillness that allows you to hear your own breath and your own heartbeat. The stillness that allows you to hear your blood moving through your veins.

This stillness also allows you to ‘see’ what you normally may not notice and to ‘hear’ what you may not have heard before.

This stillness is always there and at times you may need to go searching it out. It’s easy enough to find if you know where to look, if you know how to get there.

  • sit quietly, eyes closed or open is up to you (if open, allow them to get soft so they aren’t focusing on things)
  • notice your breathing without changing it, just notice
  • the more still you get, you’ll begin to notice things – sounds, sights, flashes of things – allow them to just be without looking to change them or focus on them
  • now start to focus on the spaces between – between any noise, between your breath, between the words, between the pictures and allow it to expand
  • you’ll start to feel the calm, the peace, the stillness

When you find the stillness within, acknowledge it, embrace it, thank it and feel it expand within and without.

~ Your Angels ~

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Angel Blessings to you.


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