Message From the Angels 111317

Angel WingsDear Ones,

You each have your own pipeline to us! Did you know that? Do you utilize it?

Yes, we are saying you can ask us questions and you can get the answers. We’re going to share a way that you can do this, just in case you haven’t been doing this already.

  • Sit comfortable and quietly in a location you won’t be interrupted and close your eyes.
  • Take a couple of deep breathes in through your nose and out through your mouth, releasing any tensions, any worries, any exceptions about what may or may not happen.
  • Focus your attention on your heart, your heart chakra, your heart space area. Feel the love of who you are, feel the love you have for others, feel the love we have for you. 
  • Feel this in your heart space and feel it expand to all the cells of your body.
  • Ask a question of us and hold it in your heart. Breathe, in and out, in and out, holding this question in your heart, with the intention and knowing you will receive an answer.
  • Stay here for a few moments. If you do not receive an answer right away, that’s OK as it will come over the next day or so.
  • When you are ready, open your eyes. 
  • You may want to journal about the answer you received.

We will give you answers. You will feel them in your heart. Your heart may feel more of an expansion, a warmth, a knowing. Everyone is different but the answers will be there.

Be open to receive and watch for the signs, the messages, the confirmations and the synchronicities that happen as you go about your day.

~ Your Angels ~

Angel Blessings to you.


Empowerment 4 You LLC

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2 Responses to Message From the Angels 111317
  1. Debby Taylor
    November 16, 2017 | 9:06 pm

    Great guidance, Sue! I am thankful that you and your Guidance are putting this out for people!


    • Sue Broome
      November 20, 2017 | 7:14 am

      Thank you Debby! I’m glad you are enjoying them.
      Angel Blessings to you

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